On the first day we will determine the place and time to meet like Surabaya Airport, after that we will go to Ijen Crater Area. the trip from the airport to Bromo Area is estimated to be around 4 hours. during the trip we can stop to eat, drink or if possible we will see the activities of the surrounding community. when we arrive at bromo we will immediately check in the hotel. and if time allows we will go see the activities of the Tenger Tribe and enjoy the atmosphere of the sunset.


On the last day we will go to see the sunset. our activities start at 2:00 AM. we will go to the area where we can see the sunrise (if the conditions of wind, clouds and weather support) yes it’s Penanjakan Satu. that’s the right place for us to see the sunrise. after being satisfied to see the sunrise, we will go to Bromo Crater, but before we go there, we will briefly visit Savana, Teletubies Hill and the Sea of Sand. after feeling satisfied exploring in the Bromo area we will return to the Hotel and after that go to Madakaripura Waterfall, upon arrival we will explore Madakaripura Waterfall for 2 hours after that we will go to Surabaya Airport. we recommend ordering a flight or flight tomorrow in case there is a delay.

Itinerary may change based on departure and arrival of traveler.

** The itinerary only features a simple trip plan for easy understanding. if interested to know more detail please contact us.

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