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Ijen Crater has an extraordinary attraction, especially for tourists who have a hobby of tracking, what should be prepared when tourists want to go there.


The Ijen area is often closed because the sulfur content is too high which can endanger the traveler and miners in the area. The Ijen area can be closed at any time when you even get there.
The managers really pay attention to the safety of visitors and miners who carry out activities there. Even when you have entered the crater area, high levels of sulfur smoke can come to you. If it is not strong, the stinging smell not only makes you cough and dizzy, but also faints and even dies
so it is recommended for all visitors to use a pretty good mask like an N95 mask or respirator mask.



To enjoy (see firsthand) the Blue Fire in Ijen Crater, Tourists must depart to hike around 2:00 a.m., because the best time to see Blue Fire is around 03.30 a.m. – 04:30 a.m. because the sun hasn’t shined its light. The head lamp is useful for illuminating your path and also as a light for your gaze.



Hiking boots that are good besides protecting the feet from the wound, also must be comfortable when worn because they have to carry heavy loads on the slippery, rocky and steep. The type of boot is most suitable for this activity, because it protects the ankles to the ankles from possible dislocations. Choose shoe soles with large flowers, deep niches. Shoes that have heel soles like this allow the wearer to grip the surface despite extreme conditions (steep, slippery or rocky).



The temperature in the ijen crater ranges from 7-17 Celsius, to protect the body from cold, it is recommended that all tourists use a jacket when visiting Kusana. Jackets are used to hold cold at the top or location of camping when activities are not as active as walking, choose a jacket made from stuffing (down jackets) this type of jacket is quite thick and holds good cold, weakness is relatively heavy and takes up a lot of space in a backpack. Other jackets that should be taken are those that have two layers (double layer), the inner layer is usually made of warmers and absorbs sweat like wool or polartex, while the outer layer functions to hold water and cold. Now textile technology has been able to produce Gore-Tex jacket material that is comfortable to wear while climbing, this material allows the skin to keep breathing, not hot sweat and able to withstand wind (wind breaking) and infiltration of rain (water proff) dear, this material is still expensive .



You always need a raincoat to carry, even though it’s the dry season. Because the weather on the mountain is difficult to guess. Especially if you are leaving in the rainy season. Must carry this one item. To keep your clothes dry to avoid hypothermia.



Most people think when the weather is cold it needs to drink less. But actually this assumption is not true. Then how much fluid is needed when the air is cold?

When in the air or a cold room thirst often rarely arises, making people forget to drink regularly. Even though the extreme cold temperature requires someone to drink water as much as moist and warm.
Studies have found extreme temperatures whether hot or cold require someone to drink more water than other conditions. This is to help keep one’s condition hydrated. If the body does not get enough water there is a possibility that it will feel colder, and the dehydration that occurs can reduce appetite and weaken the shivering response.

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