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one of the many foods that are liked by many Indonesians, ducks can be processed into many menus, including: fried, steamed, roasted, pepes etc.

The Duck menu is very easy to find from street vendors to five-star restaurants, of course at a varied price.

We always try to introduce local menus that are certainly delicious at affordable prices to our local and foreign guests, besides our delights too pay attention to the cleanliness of the place to eat.
Lots of food stalls that provide recommended Duck menus around Surabaya or Bromo and Ijen trip lines, each store has their own characteristics.

Every time you finish the Duck menu that we recommend, we definitely ask guests about the impressions they feel, the impression is varied and the majority of them are very suitable and satisfied.
From the soft texture of the duck meat that we used to know, duck meat was very tough, the sauce was spicy and varied, cheap, etc.

In introducing every menu of local food and food stalls, we certainly ask for reviews from guests after enjoying it and if there are not recommended, we from the team “Bromo Ijen Hiking” will consider and become an evaluation for the future for the satisfaction of guests who use travel services from U.S.


Author : Rayes

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