Great Service & Companionships

Thank you very much for the arrangement of Ijen & Bromo.
Hamka, Adin & Hery were guides.
Already intro into my friend for ur services.
Definitely will come back again with my friends & family.

Cha Cha
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

thank you very much for

thank you very much for
1. Chandra
2. Hamka Justin
3. Mithraw
the team is amazing
please open the link below to see all my assessments of Mt. Bromo, Mt.Ijen and your company

Vanesse Chan

awesome trip

Is an awesome trip, the Driver Guide Mr Sulaiman was very knowlegible and good in driving skill, every single of itinerary in Good Explanation and Responsible. Mr Sulaiman already famous in Malaysia for the Ijen & Bromo driver guide. 😊 And thanks for your arragement too Chandra! Good good in details and information.

Alan Sim

Our trip was really good

Our trip was really good, we enjoyed a lot!
It was tough waking up so early two days in a row but really good, nice and strong memories.

The driver and the english-speaking guide were really nice and making us as much comfortable as possible, we really appreciated it. A little bit more explanation about Bromo and Ijen would have been a plus (example: some more history about Bromo, what becomes sulfur after Ijen extraction, …).

Booking was quite easy




Lim SY
Kuala Lumpur

thank you Bromo Ijen Hiking

thank you Bromo Ijen Hiking.
thank you Hamka
thank you Galih
thank you Chandra
note for Chandra I hope you can speak Mandarin Chinese

Vin Shi
Johor Baru

Had an enjoyable time and

Had an enjoyable time and very happy with the service of Justin
Glad that we had him as our tour guide

Teng Seng Wei

I am very satisfied

thanks for Chandra and Rayes. This experience from me is quite interesting. I am very satisfied and I will return to go to Semeru I hope you can accompany me

Sunny Lee

Indonesia Lok Lok

Bromo Ijen Hiking You guys are the best

Sam Lau

unforgettable moments

Die Buchung erfolgte problemlos per WhatsApp und Chandra war eine sehr große Hilfe bei der Planung unserer Tour. Wir haben eine 4D3N Ijen, Tumpak Sewu und Bromo Tour gebucht. Unser Fahrer Sulaiman hat uns sicher an alle Orte gebracht. Eine großen Dank an Sulaiman für die Hilfe nach dem Verlust meiner Drohne.
Wir bedanken uns für die unvergesslichen Momente und werden uns sicher wiedersehen 🙏

Booking was easy via WhatsApp and Chandra was a great help in planning our tour. We booked a 4D3N Ijen, Tumpak Sewu and Bromo Tour. Our driver Sulaiman has brought us safely to all places. A big thank you to Sulaiman for the help after losing my drone.
We thank you for the unforgettable moments and will definitely meet again 🙏

Marco and Jana Thurau






骑马 RP 125000 马币大概 rm36
降落伞 Paragliding RP 400000 马币大概 rm115
漂流船 Rafting RP450000 马币大概 rm130 一个人


youtube 看高清版



Nicky YcL
Travel Videography

Camp fire at Bukit Teletubbies Bromo

Camp fire at Bukit Teletubbies Bromo stay for the night to catch some Milky way. Keep ourself warm in the cold night.

Ryan Cheng

Very safe, enjoyable and relaxing solo trip

Thank you for the great trip. I was looking for a solo trip to Bromo and ijen that matches all the criteria when I came across this website. A few things that was beyond my expectation was Chandra manage to arrange the nearest place to the hike and the trip was much more relaxing than I thought and going to Madakaripura was a bonus to me. All the view was breathtaking and the driver Matri is very experienced driver and responsive to request.

Bee Chin

Thanks for being a great guide

Hamka Rayes some say he’s the most handsome guy in Bromo, or did he says that himself?
Anyway, he’s definitely funny! Thanks for being a great guide. Learnt so much about Indo food.

Alvin Boo

awesome trip

Thank you for the gifts and trip for me and my friends, we had an awesome trip

Zy huie


Had a fantastic time on our Bromo/Ijen tour. Everything went down smooth without a glitch. Really recommend our guides Sulaiman and driver Shandro. Very friendly and accommodative to all our requests. Sulaiman is a fantastic photographer as well. Be prepared to be blown away by the photos he can take


we have a good and memorable time

We have a best time with Rudi. He really take care of us and make us enjoy the whole tour.

As for hotel, the SM Bromo was disappointed. The water/hot water is not really working. Nevertheless, we have a good and memorable time. Thank you for sending Rudi. Not forgetting the driver, Eko. He was also very good in his function.

Richard Teh

appreciated for your service 🙂

appreciated for your service 🙂


Thank you so much

Thank you so much for all the arrangements done. Was one of the best trips of our lives, and indeed it was “life changing” literally. Hamka was also wonderful and took care of our needs with so much hospitality

If you need me to place any reviews on any websites do let me know and I’ll do just that

Definitely will recommend your agency to my friends here in Hidia, Malaysia or overseas


Such a nice scene

Such a nice scene with my funny driver/tour guide with lots of laugh during the trip😁😁😁

Tang Shu Zhe

Bromo Ijen Tumpaksewu and Jogja

Our holiday at Surabaya had been a blast! It was a memorable trip filled with many places of interest. Thumbs up to Sulaiman for being such a wonderful guide. Other than his excellent command of English, he was also very proficient in photography, always attempting to capture the best shots for us. Even though the whole trip was pretty packed and resulted in all of us having inadequate sleep, he has always been professional and would attend to our needs anytime, and not to mention driving us to our intended destinations safely as well.

Our trip at Jogja was nothing short of exciting too, from the picturesque Timang Beach to the steep jeep rides, and also a sumptuous lobster lunch at a very reasonable price. But it was quite a pity that we didn’t get to experience any Lava Tour as Mt Merapi was recently declared out of bounds.

Overall, a highly recommended trip for those adrenaline junkies who adore mountain climbing.

Angie Aw



Crystal Ma

Thank you so so so much

We have a good time with your tour
Please tell Suraiman send photos to me some hahahahaha


very tasty and cheap

unforgettable experience, you take us to a place that is very tasty and cheap

Ling Ling
Johor Baru

great company

thank you Hamka and Chandra for giving me and my wife the most beautiful rafting experience

Jimmy Koh

Thank you for everything

Serving you is an honor … Thank you for everything, all of you are so incredible…

Ivan Mow

Thus Good

Special thanks to SULAIMAN for hosting our holiday and Chandra who is patient in providing information for us

Meiyen Hayley

we are happy

Hi Chandra, thanks for making our trip a memorable one.. we are happy to have u and Hamka as our guide during our vacation. Thanks

Hui Hua Hyan

Thank u for the good

Thank u for the good vacation

David Guan Teh


You provide the best service and commitment

Xucianson Lee


连续第三年来 Mt.Bromo 拍摄婚纱摄影,这里还是依然美丽动人,虽然这次的旅程算蛮赶,但谢谢Hamka Rayes 的帮忙安排,一切都不需要我的担心,要谢谢化妆师 Lisa Lim 连续两天早早起身化妆,因为这里的日出时间是早上五点,还有拍摄期间全程跟随着我们,对新人的照型照顾得无微不至,当然也要感谢 Jayden & Elaine ,我们几乎从头笑到尾,Elaine & Lisa 坐在一起简直是笑话连连。很开心的情况下完成了这趟的任务。虽然目前人还在山上,还想念着昨天早上日出那瞬间,金黄色的阳光打在我们每一个人脸上,那种温暖是无法言喻。再一次谢谢大家。

Alex Lai
Johor Baru

Stress Free Trip!

Thank you for organising a wonderful trip to East Java. Our guide Sulaiman was superb and took good care of us during our 4 day trip. We didn’t need to worry about anything and just enjoyed the volcanoes, waterfalls, and good food! Definitely trustworthy and excellent value for money.


Traveling itu sehat

Terimakasih yang tak terhingga untuk Tuhan dan alam semesta ini akhirnya kami tiba dikediaman masing2 dengan tidak kekurangan satu apapun. Pesawat selalu oN time No Delay. Terimakasih pula untuk Agent travel yang mengatur trip kami selama 2 hari 1 malam di Gunung Bromo Abang Chandra dan team-teamnya kami sangat puasa dengan pelayanannya (No tipu-tipu) Untuk Teman2 sekalian yang mungkin ada rencana mau Traveling ke Bromo atau Ijen Silahkan hubungi dan Bapak Hamka dan Abang Hamka dijamin pasti kalian puas.. Service selalu on time dan sangat profesional. Untuk Teman2 Yg masih ragu2 untuk Traveling; pesan saya; berjalanlah sejauh mungkin karena diluar rumah anda banyak Sekali tempat2 yang menawan..alam semesta ini sudah menyediakannya… Neka danga meker one kost..,hidup hanya sekali.. lako2 koem..Neka danga ekep kaeng one mbaru.. toe manga ba le tanah boa capisa seng.. udah itu aja #Travelingitusehat

Paulus Petritno



Nick Loo


I’m Frequent travel
My friend is asking me where I went
If they interested I will refer them to take your package

Jason Hui
Kuala Lumpur

Puas Sangat

Saya sangat berpuas hati dengan perkhidmatan yang disediakan oleh BROMO IJEN HIKING

Brader Nizam

I highly recommend bromoijenhiking team

Thanks for team of Hamka Rayes and Sulaiman for their hospitality. My wife and I had a great time touring Mt. Bromo, Ijen Crater, and Batu City. We had joys with unforgettable horse & jeep ride, amazing breathtaking landscape and running around at sea of sand. Ijen Crater trip was adventurous hiking on tough terrain. Although we went Batu City for paragliding, we didn’t do it because there was no wind, but fortunate enough to witness beauty of treetop houses. Throughout the trip, we had have many good laugh and jokes on all kinds of things. Sulaiman was professional, honest and sincere, and always ready to assist anything we asked for. He also possesses professional photographing mindset. He knows where to spot best place to take photos and he would take photos until all our posing styles were run out. He was also tirelessly driving from point A to point B and will try to find good local authentic foods or recommend based on our urge. He is a wonderful host and excellent tour guide and his English is perfect. He has a great sense of humor and always smiling. I highly recommend bromoijenhiking team to help you enjoy your Bromo/Ijen trip to its fullest.

Kyaw Khaung

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