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Tumpak Sewu Waterfall or commonly called Coban Sewu is a waterfall located between two districts, namely Malang and Lumajang, East Java Province, there are also two Tumpak Sewu entrances in each district which are only separated by a very deep canyon.

From the city of Surabaya it takes approximately 4 hours by car and from Malang City itself it can be taken about 2 hours drive.

With the height of the main waterfall of about 120 meters and an altitude of approximately 500 meters above sea level, this waterfall offers a different beauty than other waterfalls in Indonesia, the main waterfall which consists of several waterfalls creates a view like a white curtain that stretches very wide , and many tourists think that Tumpak Sewu is a small twin of Niagara Falls.

The position of Tumpak Sewu, which is on the slopes of Mount Semeru, creates its own challenges to explore this waterfall, steep slopes, slippery roads that will certainly exhaust the tourists, but all the challenges will be rewarded with the beauty. You will not only get waterfalls, but also caves and several spots to bathe in fresh and clear mountain water.

The people around the waterfall really feel the impact of this tourism activity, new inns and places to eat have sprung up, young people offer services to become local guides and offer other tourist services around them.

The equipment needed for browsing here are:

1. Rubber sandals have water shoes.
2. Dry bag or waterproof bag.
3. Try not to wear pants made from jeans.
4. Drinking water.

We also recommend tourists to use local guide services available in the parking area, because by using their services, security is maintained, hidden interesting spots can be touched and also helps the local economy.

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