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If we are on vacation in the tourist area of ​​Mount Bromo, East Java – Indonesia, surely we will see lots of Jeep tours passing by. That’s right, It is a Japanese-made FJ 40 “Toyota Land Cruiser” Jeep or better known as “Toyota Hardtop” which is an official tourist vehicle from Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park which is managed directly by local residents.

The production period since 1960 and ended in 1984. Known as Hardtop because almost the entire body of this car is made of hard steel. With an engine capacity of 3,700 cc and around 1976 it was upgraded to 4,200 cc, 6 cylinders which was very tough to explore hilly terrain. There are two types of engine choices, gasoline and diesel, with the Toyota 4-class engine, so it is not wrong if this vehicle becomes the official tourist vehicle in the Bromo area which is known to be very extreme with very steep sandy and incline terrain.

With the tourist Jeep in Bromo, it has a very big impact on pushing the economy of the local population. In general, Jeep owners sell 2 favorite package tours in Bromo, namely:

1. Bromo Sunrise Package 2 locations, this package starts with the goal of Mount Penanjakan which is the highest view point to see the sunrise and then proceed to Bromo Crater.
2. Tour packages 4 locations, same destination but after Bromo crater there are additional visits to “Whispering Sands” and “Savana” or better known as “Telle Tubies Hill”.

However, tourists who arrive after sunrise can rent this Jeep to the craters and other interesting places in Bromo.

These jeeps start packed the streets around Bromo at dawn or around 3:30 a.m., they serve tourists who want to see the sunrise and the beauty of other Bromo. So don’t be surprised if at that time some road segments will get stuck and the most prone to traffic jams is to post a ticket before entering Bromo.

Weekend is when the most overflowing of tourists visiting Bromo, it is certain that almost all view points for the sunrise will be full and will jostle for sure will reduce comfort while enjoying the sunrise. According to current data, the number of Hardtop Jeeps in Bromo is more than 1,000 and not to mention the “Daihatsu Taft” community of locals who also sell sunrise packages on Mount Bromo.

  Christmas, New Year and Eid holidays are uncomfortable times to visit Bromo, because at this time the Bromo area will be visited by tens of thousands of tourists, the majority of whom want to spend the holiday here, the price of the Jeep can double, congestion where where and can be stuck for hours. Be careful for those of you who will catch flight and train hours, you can miss later.

Our other message is when you use the Bromo Jeep service at sunrise, don’t forget to take a picture of the Jeep along with the license number or better ask the driver’s cellphone number, because many things the tourists forget about the Jeep he rented after enjoying the Bromo sunrise due to the Jeep shape and the same color.

Enjoy exploring Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park with Toyota FJ 40 Hardtop

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